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Crossroads Hospice has experts available in dealing with grief, end-of-life planning, paying for hospice and more. They can provide insight, opinions, case studies and statistics to media professionals. Please contact Amanda Lieberman for assistance.

Media Contact Information
Linda Barba
Office: 215-545-4715, extension 32
Cell Phone: 609-238-3035

Simon Public Relations
200 S. Broad Street, Suite 1160
Philadelphia, PA 19102

About Crossroads Hospice

Crossroads Hospice is a family-owned, privately held business headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was founded in 1996 by G. Perry Farmer, Jr. and has grown to eleven locations serving seven states.

Crossroads was inspired by a family business in long-term care. Perry has extensive, hands-on experience in health care—holding positions as nurse’s aide, housekeeper and maintenance, eventually working his way to business administrator.

In 1998, Perry was joined by his uncle, Clayton Farmer. Clayton is a registered dietician and former owner of a durable medical goods business. His analytic and financial skills helped further shape Crossroads.

Today, Crossroads Hospice is known for its innovation as evidenced by its unique approach to staffing and serving patients; the Palliative Performance Indicator, a proprietary scoring evaluation used by long-term care facilities to improve outcomes; and programs like the Gift of a Day, Veterans Recognition, and Grief Recovery.

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