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Friday, July 23, 2010

Crossroads Hospice Announces Call for Nominations for First-Ever "Caring More"

Crossroads Hospice Announces Call for Nominations for First-Ever “Caring More” Award

$1,000 Goes to Extraordinary Social Worker in Southeastern Pennsylvania
Nominations due August 6

PHILADELPHIA — July 23, 2010 — Social workers give so much to our communities every day, but seldom get special recognition for their tireless efforts.  In a move to honor social workers and their advocacy for those in need, Crossroads Hospice announces the first “Caring More” award for a social worker who goes above and beyond for his/her patients and community.  Nominations are currently being accepted.


 The award includes a $500 cash prize for the winner and $500 to the charity of his or her choice.  It also includes a breakfast in the winner’s honor.  The award will be given to the nominee who “does more” to improve lives through their work and beyond.  Judges will consider the candidate’s professional accomplishments, patient advocacy efforts and contributions to the community. 

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