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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Inaugural ‘Caring More’ award goes to beyond-the-call social worker

Tri-State Defender

Catherine Logan, director of Resident Support Services at the King’s Daughters and Sons Home in Bartlett, has been chosen as the inaugural recipient of the Crossroads Hospice “Caring More” award.

In a move to honor social workers and their advocacy for those in need, Crossroads Hospice launched the “Caring More” award for a social worker who goes above and beyond for his/her patients and community.

At a breakfast recently held in her honor, Logan received a $500 cash prize and $500 to present to her non-profit of choice. She selected the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center of Memphis in honor of her fourteen-year-old nephew who passed away from the disease.

Logan manages the development and implementation of care plans for her residents. She is touted for working closely with clinical staff, loved ones, and health and welfare agencies to provide the highest level of care while meeting patients’ physical, emotional and social needs.

In addition, Logan counsels new residents and their families to inform them of services to residents, their rights and responsibilities, and facilitates regular resident council meetings to address resident and family concerns. She has served as president and vice president of the Tennessee Health Care Association’s Social Service Workers Association, both at the state and district levels.

“There’s no greater feeling than helping someone, whether it’s a resident or their loved one, colleague, or member of my church,” said Logan. “Social work is what I was called upon to do, so to receive this award is a true honor.”

Ron Arrison, executive director of the King’s Daughters and Sons Home, said Logan’s “positive energy and tenacious attitude has helped make nursing home living a positive experience for our residents. She has helped to improve the quality of services to not only our residents but members in the community and social work professionals.”

An active member of the Cummings Street Missionary Baptist Church, Logan serves on several ministries, including the Health Ministry, Senior Ministry, Usher’s Ministry and Volunteer Ministry. Through these programs, she’s provided guidance to senior members on options for long-term care and social security benefits, organized disaster relief assistance for hurricane and flood victims, and facilitated blood drives and annual health screenings.

“Social workers are the unsung heroes we depend on every day. They go out of their way to connect the ill to resources, counsel their families and give them the special time and attention they need,” said Jean Harrison, executive director of Crossroads Hospice in Memphis.

“Catherine exemplifies what it means to go the extra mile for her clients, their families, her colleagues and community, and we are delighted to honor her as the inaugural recipient of the Caring More award.”

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