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Friday, July 06, 2012

Fishing on Lake Erie was one man's 'Gift for a Day'

Strongsville Post

Strongsville hospice patient Joseph Capanna, 49, has fond memories of fishing with friends and family as a boy. But one fishing trip he'd never taken was in his own "backyard" on Lake Erie. For his "Gift of a Day," Crossroads Hospice arranged a memorable fishing excursion for Capanna and his loved ones.

Created by Crossroads Hospice, the "Gift of a Day" program is based on the simple question: "If you only had one day to live, what would it look like?" Staff and volunteers work together to make that perfect day a reality.

Capanna has committed his life to giving back to others as a recovery counselor and youth mentor for the Salvation Army, so his loved ones eagerly joined in planning his day of well-deserved relaxation. The team set sail on a beautiful spring day from the Vermilion Port Authority Dock with the hopes of catching just one walleye. It was Capanna's lucky day when he reeled in a 26-inch fish. The team caught a total of four walleye and enjoyed a feast that evening in celebration of the trip.

The Gift of a Day program was inspired by Jim Stovall's novel, "The Ultimate Gift." Blind from age 29 due to a degenerative eye condition, Stovall went on to become an International Humanitarian of the Year, a national Olympic weightlifting champion, Emmy-award winner and a world-renowned author and speaker.

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