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Eagles fans rejoice over the Birds victory and share concern for QB Carson Wentz

Fox 29 Philadelphia

A huge division-clinching win for Eagles fans. The Birds, back again as the top seed, in control of their own destiny.
“We need home field. We need that bye and we’re gonna be good throughout the playoffs, I believe,” said fan Felix Vargas.
“I’m feeling good. I’m ready for the playoffs and the Super Bowl, baby!” another fan, Jen Hampson, said.
Fan Eric Reuter had this to say, “It’s exciting and it’s nice to feel like we’re gonna win, finally, every week!”
Carson Wentz, breaking an Eagles record for touchdowns in a season, on the same day he left the game with an injured knee. Uh-oh.
Inside Franklin and Debbie’s South Philly home, where there’s always a crowd on game day, the news is worrisome.
“I think we’ll be okay. I mean, I’m a little nervous now, but, you know, listen, we gotta have faith. As simple as that,” said fan Bobby Pierce.
“We’re still gonna do it. I have faith. I have faith. Foles is not a bad quarterback either. He’s gonna pull us through,” said fan Debbie Uhl.
Eagles fly!
That would sure mean a lot to Bill Buonato.
“Today, they’re celebrating his life. And, he enjoys the Eagles,” said fan Jean Buonato.
That’s putting it mildly. Bill is a 30 year Eagles season ticket holder. Dementia, though, has robbed him of his memories. But, he knows this much:
“Will they win the super Bowl? They better. They better,” said fan Bill Buonato.
Crossroad Hospice organized an Eagles tailgating party in his honor, and his wife, Jean, invited FOX 29 to join him at the Richboro Care Center.
“When I sat down with Jean and Bill and we kept coming up with ideas, I said, how about a tailgate party? And he, eyes came as big as saucers, and he said yes!” said Nicole Shear with Crossroads Hospice.