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World War II veteran who has enjoyed Royals games on radio, TV sees first game in person


KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A 94-year-old World War II veteran attended his first ever Royals game Thursday night at Kauffman Stadium. Thomas Cushenbery used to listen to the Royals on the radio, and now after nine decades of being a baseball fan he got to see the Boys in Blue in person.

“Who’s your favorite Royals player?” asked FOX 4's Melissa Stern.

“Perez,” Cushenbery replied.

He spent his evening with family tailgating outside of Kauffman Stadium before the Royals versus Tigers game.

“My grandpa always used to listen to the Royals on the radio, so he is really excited about seeing the Royals today,” said his granddaughter, Amanda Cushenbery.

Cushenbery doesn’t really like crowds, but made an exception  to see his favorite team play.

“Ninety-four years is long enough,” said his daughter, Kay Hernandez.

“He used to just listen to them on the radio until he moved in with me, and then he started watching them on the big screen TV, so that was pretty exciting for him, he didn’t know what to think, seeing them on the big screen,” added Amanda.

Now — he’s got an even better seat in the stadium.

“It’s a big deal for him, he doesn’t get out much,” Amanda said.

“It’s important for everybody to have a wish and have it fulfilled,” Hernandez added.

Despite temperatures right around 100 degrees — nothing could put a damper on this special day.

“Are you keeping cool?” Melissa asked Cushenbery. "Yeah…” he replied before taking a big sip of water.

“It’s really hot, we’re giving him water, and keeping him refreshed,” said Amanda.

“It makes me happy to see him happy,” Hernandez said.

“I don’t think any of us will ever forget it,” added Amanda.

And what a game it was, the Royals pummeled the Tigers 16-4 on Thursday night.