Blog: Hospice & Palliative Care Insights - 2019

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How Guardianship Works

Self-determination is the important personal right of individuals to make decisions for themselves about where and how to live, how they spend their money, whether to receive medical treatment, and what type of medical treatment that should be.
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Doctor’s Day: Honoring Physician Partners in Care

A woman in her sixties was suffering from severe degenerative bone disease and had undergone several surgeries on her back and shoulders. With no family living nearby to help, she felt anxiety, loneliness, and a sense of isolation. Wanting the best for his patient, this woman’s primary care physician asked Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care to help coordinate a treatment program to manage her pain and address her emotional issues.
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Hospice vs Hospital: What’s the Right Choice for Your Family?

It’s a moment that no family wants to face, but that we all will at some point in our lives. Our loved one is in the hospital and the doctors deliver that heartbreaking message: “There’s nothing more we can do.” At this point, the patient and their family have a choice to make: Hospice vs hospital.
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How to Work with Hospital Discharge Planners

When a loved one is admitted to the hospital, their family often rallies with thoughts and prayers that their loved one will soon be discharged. The hospital discharge planner is the patient’s ally in making sure this transition from the hospital to home, a nursing home, assisted living, or rehabilitation facility goes smoothly.
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Surprising Facts About Hospice Care

“Tell me a surprising fact about hospice care” isn’t your normal conversation starter. But if you were to ask this to ten different people, you’d probably find that most of them have a pretty different understanding of what hospice actually is.
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