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Blog: Hospice Views

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Online Grief Support: How Facebook Helps Us Cope

Eventually, a person is likely to deal with loss. A person reading this, on the Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care blog, is presumably even more likely. Dealing with loss is simply a part of life. It can be confusing, scary and lonely. Experiencing those feelings is experiencing grief.
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Facebook Accounts After Death: What Happens Next?

Today, nearly everyone is on Facebook — our children, parents and even some of our grandparents. Here’s an interesting statistic about the popular social media platform: With over one billion users, approximately 10 thousand of them pass away every day. Over its first eight years, over 30 million Facebook users have passed away. In another 100 years, that number will increase to 500 million.
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Mother's Day Wishes for Deceased Moms

Every May, many people face Mother’s Day having a deceased mom. The day can be difficult for some people. Sharing messages and stories can help change this holiday from a time of grieving to one of warm remembrance.
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What is a Home Funeral?

When many of us think of a home funeral, we picture the traditional Irish Wake where the deceased is laid out in a room in their home, and family gathers to celebrate their life. In the U.S., this old tradition of home funerals is regaining popularity.
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The Silver Screen of Death and Grief

Last month, a few of us gathered around here at Crossroads Hospice and discussed television. We didn’t discuss our favorite episode of House Hunters; we discussed the all too real lessons about death and dying we’ve learned through television.
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