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Blog: Hospice Views

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Our Judges For The Caring More Awards

This year marks Crossroads Hospice’s third annual “Caring More” Awards. Since 2010, these awards have recognized the outstanding efforts of social workers who dedicate their careers to improving the quality of living for others. Winners from individual Crossroads sites are awarded $500 to a non-profit of their choice – as well as a breakfast banquet held in their honor. Colleagues, family, friends, and a panel of judges are all invited to celebrate the amazingefforts of the winners.
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The Role of Social Workers in Hospice

In celebration ofNational Social Work Month, I reflect upon what it means to be a social worker in hospice and why I chose this job. Hopefully, these thoughts and experiences will help you, my fellow social workers, articulate the important details of your job to others. When people ask me what I do as a hospice social worker, my canned answer is usually, “I do everything that no one else wants to do.”
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Home Hospice Aide Spotlight: Bonnie Porter

Through the Storm: Bonnie Porter joined the Crossroads team in Atlanta after fearlessly serving patients and their families through Hurricane Katrina. A hospice aide with Memorial Medical System in New Orleans, she stayed by her patients’ sides through the storm as the waters flooded the hospital floors beneath them. “My family was not sure if I was alive for several days, but I was there for my patients whose family members could not get to their mothers and fathers,” she said. “I saw a lot during that time. I was truly blessed to be there with my patients.”
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What Is The Caring More Award?

When you think about what it takes to help an ailing patient recover, you may think of the nurse with a warm, welcoming smile, who provides round-the-clock support to patients. Or the physician, whose diagnoses and treatment recommendations we trust. Social workers are a key part of this care team – helping patients and families understand diagnoses, process major life changes such as transitioning to a new environment, and coping with issues around terminal illness, communicating end-of-life wishes, and bereavement. Social workers give so much to our patients every day, but rarely receive special recognition for all they do to connect patients with resources, counsel families, and give people the special time and attention they need.
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Which vitamins should I take for my heart?

In my 27 years of practicing cardiology, I’ve noticed an increasing frequency in receiving questions about vitamins and supplements. Patients, friends, and even new acquaintances want to know what I think about certain vitamins and supplements. Even more common are situations in which patients come to my office taking handfuls of daily supplements, believing that they are beneficial to the heart. It is not clear why so many people trust in the benefits (and safety) of supplements, but I do believe that physicians have played a role by promoting certain vitamins and also by not knowing the most current scientific information.
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Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Artist Anita Gish

Volunteer Anita Gish has been an artist for 30 years. She currently teaches oil painting at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas. Anita contributes to our volunteer efforts by creating portraits of veterans on our hospice service for their families. Anita heard about the Crossroads Hospice from an article in the local paper about artists doing portraits of veterans. “I wanted to do something for our veterans that gave so much for our country. I hope by doing portraits of hospice veterans that I have repaid a little of the service they gave to our country,” says Anita.