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Blog: Hospice Views

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End-Stage Cardiac Disease: Have you seen this patient today?

Patients with end-stage cardiac disease can suffer immensely when this illness transitions from a chronic phase to a terminal one. Today we will look at one particular patient, who’s profile and needs make them a candidate for hospice care. Mr. Deitrick, age 67, suffers from congestive heart failure (CHF). Recently, he has become more symptomatic, requiring increasingly frequent visits to his physician as well as frequent changes in his medications to remove fluids. He is oxygen dependent, uses a walker for support, has plus four bilateral leg edema, and takes multiple rest periods in order to compensate for hisfatigue & shortness of breath. During a recent hospitalization for pneumonia, his wife asked the physician if she thought Mr. Detrick would be able to attend their grandson’s high school graduation. But, with Mr. Detrick in such a vulnerable state, the physician recommended against it.
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Keep Your Patients Home For The Holidays

Crossroads Hospice is helping terminally ill patients stay home for the holidays. It will not only help them, it will ease stress on families and physicians during this busy time. We will keep the patient pain and symptom free, allowing the family to have the quality time they need.
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Children and the grieving process

Children should be asinvolved in the grieving process as adults are, but caring adults should provide the proper supportfor the child’s grief. This support is important for the child’s healing, allowing them to reconcile their loss. Here are a few tips in guiding you through the grieving process with the little ones in your family.
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Profit vs. Non-Profit Healthcare

For-Profit and Non-Profit healthcare? What is the difference? Primarily, it is in the way they operate their business. State and Federal regulations, as well as various health care accreditations, do not differentiate between the two. For hospice providers, this means the patient is entitled to and receives the same level of care regardless of the profit status of the provider. Both organizations are reimbursed the same. This ensures the standard of care remains consistent regardless of the provider.
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This is a Job for Superman

Nathan (pictured in the wheelchair) is one of our pediatric cancer patients. He has to go to Akron Children’s Hospital every two weeks to have his port examined and meds adjusted with his oncologist, which isn’t always fun (or comfortable!) Our STNA Mike Triola accompanies him. Mike is always trying to get Nathan to laugh. When they went to ACH on Wednesday, November 14th, Mike took a Superman costume with him hidden in his nursing bag. He excused himself to use the restroom and, much to everyone's surprise, came out in the Superman Costume!!
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Freedom is not Free

Crossroads Chaplain Ron McCulloughis a champion of Veteran’s Recognitionat our Kansas City location. The following is an excerpt from a speech Chaplain McCullough prepared to honor local Veterans: The words “Freedom is not Free” are etched on the base of the Korean War Memorial in Washington, D.C. Freedom has never been free. This belief resonates in the hearts of our nation’s veterans. For those who have served and are serving today, freedom has a special meaning that many will never know. While the name of this day of remembrance has changed, its fundamental purpose remains unchanged. Veteran’s Day is set aside to honor American’s veterans for their patriotism, their love of country, and their willingness to serve the common good.