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5 Gifts for Family Caregivers

Family caregivers step forward when a loved one needs care. It can be incredibly fulfilling to provide care to someone you love, but it can also be a lonely, anxious, and exhausting experience. Family caregivers know they should practice self-care, but sometimes they need a little reminder to actually do it.
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Wood Holiday Packages: Activities for Dementia Patients

The holidays are a time of passing along memories and traditions from one generation to the next. For a family with a loved one with dementia, it is also a time of lost memories and adjusting traditions to fit a new reality. It can be a bittersweet time, but preparing ahead can help keep the holidays special for the whole family.
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5 Questions to Ask When Diagnosed with a Serious Illness

Even if a patient has had suspicions that their nagging pain or lingering illness has deeper implications, an actual diagnosis of a serious illness can send their mind reeling. It’s normal to have an emotional response to a serious diagnosis. It’s also normal for a patient to miss some of the doctor’s explanation as they cope with this new information.
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5 Great Experiences to Gift Senior Citizens

It can be hard to buy gifts for seniors. Many of them seem to have everything. In some cases, they may even be focused on downsizing. So even perfectly lovely gifts may no longer have a place in their home.
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Local Radio Personality Shares Her Hospice Experience

“Remember, you can do it!” “Keep good thoughts and a positive attitude.” Those are words of wisdom to other seniors and their families who are considering hospice from 92-year-old Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care patient Dene Liott of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, a well-known local TV talk show host and advocate for senior citizens and issues of aging.
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Gifts for a Loved One in a Long-Term-Care Facility

When a loved one is in assisted living, a thoughtful gift is a great way to show that you are thinking of them. However, gifts for someone in a long-term-care facility can be tricky because they don’t have a lot of space to store and display gifts.