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Hey Paula for the Holidays

Oh, what fun it is to ride in a Cadillac Escalade. A Cadillac Escalade limo, that is - and it's especially fun when you're heading off to see the Kansas City Area Christmas lights with a very special patient.
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Stay Home for the Holidays with Hospice Care

What does home mean to you? Of course there's the physical place, but home is so much more that the roof above your head. Home is the place you feel comfortable, surrounded by the people and pets you love. This is particularly true at the holidays – and even more so when you're dealing with a serious illness. For some, a hospital stay is a must, but for many who are terminally ill,hospice care can provide the support needed to keep them home for the holidays.
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A Hospice Patient’s Letter To Santa

Dear Santa, The holidays have always been a special time for me. No matter what has happened in the months prior to Christmas, I have always looked forward to the season at the end of the year as one of pure joy. Family, friends, and the exchanging of gifts fill these fond memories of mine....
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Five Gifts for a Sick Relative

Let's face it. There's no good time to be sick, but being sick around the holidays can be especially hard. Whether your loved one is newly diagnosed with a serious illness or has been dealing with chronic illness for some time, a thoughtful gift for a sick relative can be a nice pick-me-up.
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Cremation: What You Need To Know

The popularity of cremation continues to rise in the United States. According to the Cremation Association of North America, the cremation rate in the United States continued its rise in 2015 with 48.6% of all families choosing cremation over a traditional burial.
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Gift of Comfort Whenever You Need It

You'll hear the familiar song in church or as you walk through the mall this holiday season singing "tidings of comfort and joy." These words take on new meaning for those living with a life-limiting illness this holiday season. Give patients the gift of comfort by setting up a consultation with Crossroads Hospice and Palliative Care and help them experience less stress and more quality time with the people they love.