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July 2014

Veteran Recognition Brings Family Together

Military service is a family affair. It’s not just the soldier who makes sacrifices to honor the U.S., the families also face the harsh reality of service. When a family member is in the military, it doesn’t matter who’s graduating, who’s getting married, or who’s dying — because protecting U.S. citizens is always more important.

The families are the ones who post the yellow ribbons on trees, hoping their loved ones will return from war safely. They arrange the surprise “welcome home” parades, inviting the entire town to come celebrate that the love of their life is home again. And they’re the ones who openly weep when their soldier — their mother, father, daughter, son — is safely back in their arms. The simple act of touching a loved one who was once so very far away making the rest of the world fade away.

Being the families of military service men and women is no easy task: Spouses are forced to act as both mom and dad during deployments, and children have no other option than to adapt to the temporary absence of a parent.

But despite the long days and nights with a gaping hole left by a deployed loved one, being part of a military family can be inspiring and foster resilience. The rate of voluntary military service is twice as high among sons with military fathers when compared to sons with civilian fathers. And even with all the stress deployment can take on a marriage, military marriages are less likely to end in divorce than civilian marriages.

The strength, flexibility and honor displayed by a military family is something to be admired and honored. That’s why the Veteran Recognition Ceremonies at Crossroads Hospice involves Veterans and their family.


Patient’s Gift of a Day Lifts Off Over Hometown

Posted on July 23, 2014
Tyrone Wright has spent his life in Kansas City. He grew up there, becoming familiar with each historic institution and new high rise as the city evolved. But there was always one perspective of his hometown he was never able to see.

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