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Hospice In-Service Training Program

Crossroads Hospice provides hospice care in-service training for healthcare professionals interested in learning more about this important type of care.

Hospice in-service training is available for healthcare professionals and includes clinical, bereavement and other topics. Crossroad Hospice’s in-service program helps healthcare professionals understand the end-of-life process and covers the physical and emotional needs of the hospice patient.

Below are some of the in-service topics we are available to present. Use the form below to request an in-service now.

Clinical in-service training.

Our clinical in-service programs provide information on common issues around caring for patients with life-limiting illnesses. Examples of our clinical hospice in-service training topics include:

  • Pain Management. Attendees will learn ways to identify a step-wise approach to pain management. They will be able to define the WHO pain ladder, identify non-pharmacological pain control and adjuvant treatment measures, and describe common myths and truths, as well as common side effects and treatment options.
  • Infection Control In The Healthcare Setting. Attendees will learn about infection control regulations, risk factors and how infections are caused and spread. They will also learn how to identify risk factors and signs and symptoms of infections, as well as how to contain infections by utilizing proper hand-washing procedures and personal preventive equipment.
  • Terminal Hydration. Attendees will learn about different types of dehydration, and how to identify the nurse’s role as a patient advocate. Attendees will also be able to define the benefits of treating versus not treating terminal dehydrations and the appropriate interventions to ensure comfort.
  • Opioid Induced Neurotoxicity. Attendees will learn how to identify signs and symptoms of Opioid Induced Neurotoxicity; the differences between OIN and pain; and information needed to effectively assist patients, caregivers and healthcare providers to recognize and respond to signs and symptoms of Opioid Induced Neurotoxicity.

Each hospice in-service training program provides healthcare professionals with actionable insight.

Bereavement in-service training.

Simply defined, grief is the normal and natural reaction to significant emotional loss of any kind. The range of emotions associated with grief is as varied as the person experiencing it. Our in-service bereavement training offers tips and experience about dealing with death and dying for patients and families. Some of Crossroads Hospice In-Service Training includes:

  • Tips for being present with those who are dying. This in-service provides attendees with information and tips on how to offer presence at the time of death. Attendees will also learn ways to offer simple gestures of compassion and how to identify nonverbal cues sometimes exhibited by an individual that could cue the healthcare professional to know when to avoid physical touch.

For other bereavement topics available, please contact us.

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