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Crossroads Hospice Care Locations: Find Local Hospice Care Now

Crossroads Hospice Care Locations: Find Local Hospice Care Now

Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care provides comfort care in the home and in facilities throughout the Midwest, Northeast and South regions of the United States. Most importantly, all Crossroads hospice care locations offer the same one-of-a-kind, high-quality programs and patient attention. If you’re looking for local hospice or palliative care, Crossroads comes to you or your loved one.

Browse our service areas below for local hospice care near you.


Atlanta Area
Marietta Area
Alpharetta Area
North Georgia


Kansas City, MO Area
Johnson County
Warrensburg, MO Area
St Louis, MO Area


Oklahoma City Area


Philadelphia Area
Montgomery County
Bucks County
Delaware County


Akron Area
Cleveland Area
Wayne County
Mentor Area
Dayton Area
Cincinnati Area


Memphis Area


Kansas City Area

Tips on how to find hospice care.

If you are looking for local hospice care, we recommend the following tips:

  • Consider what kind of service your loved one needs: While hospice care in general can be similar, there are differences between the type of care one can receive. For instance, some have local hospice care locations where patients go to receive care, but others instead come to the patient, in their house, nursing home, or even hospital. Knowing what your loved one needs can help you ultimately make the best decision.
  • Browse online: Since you’re already on this website, it means you’re doing your due diligence and searching online for a hospice service provider. That’s good, as any service provider worth considering should have a strong internet presence.
  • Ask others for recommendations: Although it is obviously a sensitive subject, you may want to ask friends, family members, and others whose opinions you trust, if they know of any hospice care providers. If you don’t feel comfortable asking people you know, you may be able to find information by asking people through online forums. Just always make sure the source seems trustworthy.

What to look for when considering a local hospice care provider.

Now that you’ve found a few possible hospice care providers, we recommend the following when making a decision:

  • Consider your first impression: It always helps to pick up the phone and have a conversation. This way you can get your questions answered directly. But this will also be your first impression with the hospice provider. During the call, take note of how well they answer your questions and how they make you feel. Based on this phone call, would you feel comfortable if your loved one received hospice care from them?
  • Read online reviews: Websites such as Google and Facebook allow for users to review businesses and organizations. This can be helpful in learning more about a business. However, please keep in mind that anyone can post a review online, and sometimes they can do it anonymously.
  • Figure out what sets them apart: What makes a particular local hospice care provider stand apart from others? For instance, all Crossroads hospice locations offer our Evenmore Care program, which ensures every patient gets the care they deserve when they need it most. Ask questions about what the provider can offer beyond traditional hospice service.
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