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At Crossroads Hospice it’s all about offering more, in a unique way. We are able to make this claim because we operate by the highest service standards; we are the most innovative and set standards that raise the bar; and we always do the right thing for the right reasons. These are our Unique Selling Propositions, and they enable us to offer more to patients, families, health care professionals and the community at-large. We are there more, we teach more, learn more, reach out more, support more, and try more…so everyone can expect more.


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Our tagline is “Expect more from us. We do.” This tagline embodies our founders’ true spirit…a nurse’s aide and administrator, a pharmacist, and a dietician and former owner of a durable medical equipment company. They were three ambitious men driven to find a better way to deliver hospice care, and they did. In 1995, they established Crossroads Hospice with a determination to help more people experience hospice care like never before. This is truly a special place to work.

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