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5 Gifts for the Terminally Ill

undefinedTime is really the only capital that any human being has and the thing that he can least afford to waste or lose.” — Thomas Edison

When a loved one has a terminal illness, the most precious gift you can give is your time. Little moments spent holding hands, sharing stories and sitting together are memories you’ll have for a lifetime and will be treasured by your loved one. The five gifts listed below are just a few ideas for how you can enhance this time together.

undefined1. Blanket -
 A cozy and warm blanket to snuggle under is a welcome gift at any time.

Warm Embrace adds inspirational and thoughtful quotes to their comfortable throws to make the gift extra special. Find the quote that best matches the sentiment you wish to share.


undefined2. The Gift of Comfort – The ill feel the cold more acutely than others.

Help keep them comfortable at home or in the hospital with high quality slippers with non-slip treads and an extra-warm robe.

Tuck a book you can read together into the pocket.


undefined3. The Gift of Style – Has your loved one been known their whole life for their sense of style? Give them the gift of personal care.
Set up a nail appointment or a trip to the barber.

If they cannot travel, have a hairdresser, manicurist or massage therapist come to the house. Mobile nail salons are growing in popularity, and many service providers are willing to make house calls for an additional fee. Another option if your loved one is on hospice care is to ask if they have volunteers who will provide this service for free.


undefined4. Treats – Everyone loves a treat!

Work with your loved one’s diet and medical condition, but find ways to give them a taste of what they love for the holidays.

A favorite meal, a traditional dessert from the bakery they love, a good bottle of wine, a box of a special tea in a new mug or a beloved childhood candy can make the holiday extra special.


undefined5. Photo Album - Collect photos from your loved one’s life into one special book. To make it extra special in years to come, leave a blank page next to photos and ask them to share their stories about the people in the photos and special moments from their past.

It’s a project you can work on together that will allow them to share their stories and give you new insight. Use these tips from our Life Journal program to ask he best questions to get the conversation started.

Other gift ideas:

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