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4 Ways Chaplains Enhance the End-of-Life Experience

Chaplains provide tremendous spiritual and emotional support to both patients and families as they come to terms with their diagnoses and end-of-life experiences. Contrary to what some may believe, the duties of the chaplain go far beyond simply joining patients in prayer.
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Helping Teens Deal with Grief

The teenage years are a time of change. Bodies change. Feelings change. Attachments change. Teens pull back from their family to develop their own identities. They pursue romantic relationships and new interests. It’s a challenging time that is made more difficult when teens experience the loss of a significant loved one.
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How to Change a Bed with Someone in It

When caring for a loved one with mobility issues or a serious illness, you’ll find yourself faced with all kinds of practical challenges that you’ve never thought about before. One of these challenges is how to change a bed with someone in it.
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Employment Protection for Caregivers

Caring for a loved one with a serious illness while working outside the home can be a tough balancing act. If your role as a caregiver is causing you to be distracted at work or requires additional time off, you should speak to your human resources department about employment protection for caregivers and the resources available to you.