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Blog: Hospice & Palliative Care Insights

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Setting Boundaries in Grief Recovery

Good fences make good neighbors – and personal boundaries allow you to set limits and create a healthy space between you and others. Creating and maintaining healthy personal boundaries is always a good practice, but it is even more essential when you are grieving the loss of a loved one. Setting grief boundaries will help you navigate this difficult and emotional time.
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How Hospice Supports Lung Cancer Patients

Despite the many advances in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer, there may come a time when the risks and side effects of treatment will outweigh the benefits. At this time, a patient with late-stage lung cancer may decide with their doctor to stop treatment and pursue comfort care, focused on quality of life. Hospice can help support this goal.
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How to Start a Caregiver Journal

Regardless of how fulfilling caregiving can be, it is also stressful and emotional work. It is easy to get so caught up in the daily tasks of caring for a loved one that you forget to care for yourself. One way to reduce caregiver stress is to start a caregiver journal.
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Opioids and Renal Disease

Patients with chronic pain who also have chronic renal disease can be difficult to treat. Pain is very common in this subset of patients with 82% experiencing moderate to severe pain.
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How to Prevent Dementia Wandering

One of the biggest worries families caring for a loved one with dementia face is the risk of wandering. It is unfortunately very common and can happen at any time in the disease progression – even if they’ve never done it before.