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How Does Crossroads Support Women’s Health Conditions Like Breast Cancer?

It pains me to write that my mother has been diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. Our worst fears were realized when she got the news. I'm grateful because she's not terminal at this moment, but I know things can change quickly. So I’m already thinking about what to do when she becomes terminal and faces her end-of-life journey.

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How Do I Balance My Young Kids & Mother with Dementia?

I am the primary babysitter for my grandkids while their parents work. Though I cherish spending time with them, they are young children with a lot of energy and emotional needs. Somedays I never sit down – and I’m exhausted by the time their parents are done with work.

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What to Say to a Terminally Ill Family Member During the Holidays

The holidays are here and I have some extra time to visit my extended family. They’re the part of my family that I don’t often see. One person I plan on visiting is my aunt – who is in her final days on hospice care with Crossroads. I’m very nervous because I haven’t seen her in a few years, and I don’t know what to expect and I especially don’t know what to say. What do I say and how do I approach this? Do you have any advice on how to be respectful but also not a burden?

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How to Care for My Terminally Ill Mom While Caring for Children?

I have two full time jobs: a stay-at-home mom to six kids and caregiver to a dying mother. There is simply not enough time in the day for me to get it all done. I get somewhat of a break while the kids are at school, but once they get home and on the weekends, our home erupts into chaos. It’s a lot for me to handle and I know it is for my mother as well, who I want to see live out her final days in peace.

I’m feeling overwhelmed and there is not enough time in the day. What can I do?

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What Makes Crossroads the Best Hospice for My Terminally Ill Dad?

My father’s health has been declining in recent months, and one of my friends recommended that I look into hospice care. I’m still learning about what hospice care means and what kinds of services a place like Crossroads can provide – both to my father and to me in this trying time. I want the best possible care for him, but I’m nervous about what comes next. Can you tell me more about Crossroads and what sets it apart?