Patient Referral


Cancer patients and their families need a lot of tender loving care, guidance and emotional support. Let’s band together to create the best possible experience for these special patients and their families. Below are three important areas where Crossroads can help make a difference.


Depression affects about 15% to 25% of cancer patients. People who face a diagnosis of cancer will experience different levels of stress and emotional upset. Issues may include fear of death, changes in body image and self-esteem or financial and legal concerns. Each person reacts differently and the issues they face can be treated in a variety of ways. Good communication within the family can also help. Crossroads provides the emotional and spiritual support your patients and their caregivers need.

Pain and symptom management.

The effect of uncontrolled pain at the end-of-life can be substantial, but with pain management experts like Crossroads on your team, your patients can avoid this. We are trained extensively in end-of-life pain and symptom control. Our main objective is to relieve symptoms that interfere with one’s quality of life, which may include medications that provide comfort without impairing alertness. More comfort means a better quality of life.

Holistic care.

The Crossroads team will surround your patient and their family with professionals who can help with all aspects of their situation. We dedicate more time per patient, which enables us to be there when we’re needed most. We’ll provide information about nutritional needs, caregiving tips and resources, a guide about physical signs and emotional cues, and what to expect as the end nears. And, when that time comes, we will exhaust ever effort to stay by your patient’s side.