Patient Referral

Choosing hospice is far from giving up hope. In fact, for many terminally ill patients, hope can take on a new meaning. Some find joy in a sunset, watching birds play in a birdbath or listening to a favorite piece of music. As patients learn to live with dying, they can become more fully alive in the present moment, and discover there is still much to live for. Patients and family caregivers often discover that the last few months can be filled with deep love, growth, and grace.

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“6 Thoughts for Redefining Hope.”

The benefits of hospice are far-reaching.

1. Completing one's worldly affairs.
2. Coming to terms with the meaning of one's life.
3. Forgiving oneself.
4. Resolving family relationships.
5. Accepting the truth of our interdependence.
6. Approaching transcendence.