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102-year-old Olathe woman takes train ride as final wish

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BALDWIN CITY, Kan. -- At the age of 102-years-old, Olathe resident Lula Powell has seen and done a lot during her lifetime. Now that she's in hospice care, she's checking one more thing off her bucket list.

On Sunday Powell took a step back in time.

Surrounded by family, Powell fulfilled a lifelong dream of riding the Kansas Belle train.

"I can’t believe it. It’s just amazing. It’s the most wonderful thing I could’ve done," Powell said.

Her nursing home, Travanse Living partnered with Crossroads Hospice to make this happen. This wasn't just a gift for Powell, but for her family as well.

"She just absolutely lights up when it’s this time to get together with family. Anytime family comes in, it’s amazing that she’s 102 almost 103, but she’s still here and she’s still got her mind as well," Powell grandson, Darren Rew said.

Powell said she hasn't been on a train since she was a young girl. But today brings back a lot of memories from her childhood.

"We had a lot of fun. We had hot chocolate and we stayed all night. We had bunk beds. We’d sleep in each one of them," Powell said.

While this may be Powell's final train ride, her loved ones are savoring each moment with her.

"I think she’s left a big mark on this world, quite frankly. With that many kids, she’s influenced a lot of kids. Not just simply with how she lived her life. But what she meant to every single one of us." Rew said.

Powell will turn 103-years-old in a couple months. She said the key to her long life has been not drinking or smoking.