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Greater Cleveland Aquarium provides a special day for hospice patient

Cleveland 19

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A Crossroads hospice patient got the trip of a lifetime on Thursday.

Russell Milkovich, of Brunswick, has always loved marine life so he and his family took time to visit the Greater Cleveland Aquarium to enjoy the reptiles and a wide range of fish from Lake Erie and across the globe.

The aquatic adventure was made possible through the Crossroads Hospice Gift of the Day program, which brings a patient’s vision of a perfect day. 

Staff members provided insight on various animals including catfish, archerfish, moon jellyfish, lionfish and more. Milkovich spent time walking around and seeing different species. He also received a special pair of shark teeth as a gift from the aquarium.

 "Fish are calm, peaceful and beautiful to look at," Milkvoich said. "I’ve always envisioned spending the day here with my family."

Milkovich said the visit is something he has been looking forward to for years.

"Thank you Crossroads, I never thought I’d get this opportunity," Milkovich said.