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Remembering our veterans

On June 6, we commemorate one of the most decisive moments in human history: D-Day. The stories of courage our troops showed that day, and in the months after, are legend. More than 16 million Americans served during World War II. Today, fewer than 1 million are alive and their numbers are declining rapidly — approximately 492 a day, according to Veterans Administration figures. They did their duty. Now it is our turn.

At Crossroads Hospice, we embrace this commitment by focusing on the physical, mental and spiritual needs of our veterans. Our Veteran’s Recognition program honors their sacrifices with certificates and honorary presentations while our volunteers (many are also veterans) work with them to create Life Journals — written records to share with their families. In addition, on Veteran’s Day we make a special effort to honor veterans in the communities we serve, even those who aren’t our patients.

What these veterans stood for, what they accomplished and what they mean for future generations should never be forgotten.

Bart Joiner, Oklahoma City

Joiner is executive director of Crossroads Hospice.