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Social Worker Honored for Caring More

Cuyahoga Falls Newspress

Cuyahoga Falls social worker Lisa Boris, LSW, has been chosen as the recipient of the Crossroads Hospice "Caring More" award. Social workers provide daily support to their patients, but few receive special recognition for their efforts. In a move to honor social workers and their advocacy for those in need, Crossroads Hospice launched the "Caring More" award for a social worker who goes above and beyond for his/her patients and community.

At a breakfast hosted in her honor, Boris received $500 to present to the non-profit of her choice, the Summit County Humane Society. When she was young, Boris relied on the support of a social worker to cope with her parents' divorce. This support inspired her to pursue a career of serving others - something she does on a daily basis for the elderly residents of Bath Manor Special Care, from providing counseling to staff education on the needs of residents with dementia.

"Social workers are the unsung heroes we depend on every day. They go out of their way to connect the ill to resources, counsel their families and give them the special time and attention they need," said Christine Vincent, Executive Director of Crossroads Hospice. "Lisa exemplifies what it means to go the extra mile for the people she serves, their families, her colleagues and community, and we are delighted to honor her as the recipient of the Caring More award."

Boris maintains a regular presence in her residents' lives. "The most rewarding part of my job is the feeling that I make a difference to the residents that don't have any family or friends," Boris said. "I visit them every day to see how they're doing. It's really nice when they come looking for me and they smile. Just getting to know my residents and making a connection with them is what I love."