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The ABCs of Avoiding Burnout

undefinedCaregivers are placed under an enormous amount of stress. Stress that is compounded sometimes by grueling hours, constant need of loved ones and families, and personal pain and heartbreak.  Too much stress, to many hours, and not enough moments of clarity can lead to burn-out – and that isn’t good for anybody.

It is important for all caregivers to keep themselves mentally healthy, so that they can provide for the needs of their charges.  To avoid burn-out, trying to following these guidelines can prove to be beneficial.

A = Accept Help

  •   Locate community support systems in your area. Many communities offer emotional support through counseling – at little or no charge.
  •   Ask other family members to give you some respite.
  •   Take a break from the situation: visit your favorite bookstore, coffee shop or take time to window shop. Taking an hour or two away not only benefits you…it will indirectly benefit your loved one.

B = Be Realistic

  •   Be realistic and know your limitations.
  •   Clearly communicate your limits to family members, friends and even your medical professionals.

C = Community Resources

  •   Utilize the community resources available.
  •   Allow others to help You cannot do it alone.

D = Depression

Watch for signs of depression. If you begin experiencing symptoms of depression, notify your healthcare professional.

E = Educate Yourself

Learn as much as you can… Not only about your loved one’s condition, but also treatment options and tips on how to prevent caregiver burnout.

And…If you ever have questions, we’re here to help.

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