Volunteer Spotlight: Tammy Queen

undefinedThe positive and healing effects of massage therapy are well-documented, and Crossroads Hospice is lucky enough to have one volunteer with a massage therapy license who was inspired to give back.

Tammy Queen, an Oklahoma City, OK native, started volunteering with Crossroads in 2012. She recently obtained her massage therapy license, and wanted to put it to good use. She now volunteers by offering massages to the both patients and staff.

“The patients love massage therapy,” says Tammy. “It’s something that they aren’t used to and it is very calming to them, as well as stimulating.”

Along with her skills as a massage therapist, she also brings a positive energy that is infectious and undeniable. The patients, as well as the staff, appreciate Tammy’s contributions to daily life at Crossroads. Whether it’s a massage, playing a game of Bingo, or just sitting and talking about current events, everyone knows that they’re going to feel better after Tammy visits.

“I love spending time with the patients,” Tammy says. “My friends at Crossroads have taught me a lot of important life lessons and have inspired me to be positive. They’ve helped me realize that the bumps in my life aren’t really that big.”

Tammy works with several patients on a regular basis, but interacts with all the residents, making sure everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy. She’s given countless massages, and with each massage, she learns a lesson from the recipient. Those lessons have made volunteering as positive for Tammy as it is for those who meet her.

“It has been an honor to volunteer at Crossroads, learning to comfort and help in the end of life care for the patients,” Tammy says. “ It has been as beneficial to me as I hope it has been for them.”

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