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Volunteer Spotlight – Lynn Yash

undefinedAs a child growing up in New England, Lynn Yash learned the value of service from her grandmother.

“[My grandmother] was a Peace Corps volunteer, librarian and a Latin teacher,” says Lynn. “She showed me the importance of helping people, reading and using good grammar.”

Now living in Cincinnati, OH, those lessons are benefiting Crossroads Hospice patients.

Inspired by her parents, Lynn reached out to Crossroads to volunteer her time. “My parents are in their 80s and live in New Hampshire,” Lynn explains. “I can’t actively participate with them while they grow older since I’m so far away. I wanted to become involved in hospice so that I could learn and help people with issues similar to my parents’ issues,” she says.

Lynn is a valued direct care volunteer, meaning she provides companionship for the patients and directly engages with them.

In addition to supporting the patients’ social and daily needs, Lynn helps with Crossroads’ Special Projects, like the Gift of a Day program. In this program, Lynn, along with many other Crossroads volunteers and staff, help plan patients’ ideal day; to make their dreams come true.

Lynn also aides in the Life Journals special project. At Crossroads, Life Journals chronicle the history, events and blessings of a patient’s life. Ultimately, the patient’s family will receive this treasured Life Journal gift. Lynn uses her graphic design skills and interest in genealogy to help create these priceless journals.

“Lynn is a very talented volunteer with a high attention to detail who has been very helpful in a number of special projects. She really wants to make a difference,” says Volunteer Coordinator Jenn Ruter.

If you would like to learn more about the opportunity to share your talents through hospice volunteering, visit the volunteering section of our website.


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