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Home Is Where the Heart (And the Peach Ice Cream) Is…

undefinedIt’s been decades since Crossroads Hospice patient and Beavercreek, Ohio resident Jeanne Andrews has gotten all of her kids in one room. With jobs and families of their own that have them living as far away as Texas and Delaware, Andrews’ children haven’t been able to coordinate a family reunion with their mother in more than 40 years.

When the 85-year-old was given the chance to plan the perfect afternoon through Crossroads Gift of a Day program, she didn’t ask for much. She longed to spend the day with her kids and enjoy bowls of her favorite flavored ice cream, peach.

With the help of one of Andrews’ daughters, who works in her nursing home, Crossroads staff got in touch with her other children and six of them were able to come together and celebrate their mother’s birthday. They reminisced for hours, spending the afternoon catching up, telling stories and razzing each other as if they were kids again. They stayed well beyond the scheduled afternoon and Crossroads staff let them continue the reunion until after closing time.

“They sat at a round table in our conference room and acted like they were back in their old kitchen,” says Doree McBride, volunteer manager for Crossroads in Dayton. “They stayed for hours, sharing stories and laughing. Ms. Andrews had the biggest smile on her face.”

After the special afternoon was over, it was clear that Ms. Andrews’ gift felt right at home.

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