Physicians: Give the Gift of Comfort This Holiday Season

undefinedThe holidays—no matter which ones you celebrate—are a time for festivity and family. That’s why it can be hard when you’re working with a terminally ill patient. Everyone wants to be home for the holidays—and enjoy being there. Crossroads Hospice helps patients and families experience less stress and more quality time all year round, but at this very special time of year, we know how important it is for families to be together. Healthcare providers can give the gift of comfort by referring their terminally ill patients to Crossroads. Top 5 reasons why Crossroads Hospice is good for the holidays:

1.     Relieves physicians of total patient care during the holidays. We can be the patients’ “after hours, on-call source.” And we’ll keep doctors informed of developments so everyone can be confident that the patient’s needs are met.

2.     Helps prevent repeat emergency room visits, which reduces stress for the patient and family.

3.     Provides emotional and spiritual support for patients and their families during a heightened emotional time.

4.     Offers services like bathing, dressing, light housekeeping, meal preparation and feedings, which allows families to focus on holiday preparations.

5.     Distributes medications, equipment and supplies, which reduces financial stress—as well as trips to the drugstore.

Help patients stay home for the holidays. Find out more about how you can give the gift of comfort and ensure that patients and their families have a peaceful holiday season, visit our website or call 1-888-564-3405.

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