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5 Gifts for Seniors in Assisted Living

undefinedAssisted living facilities can be a great option for seniors. They decrease the amount of responsibility for the senior, offer services like transportation and assistance with meals and can even provide companionship. With all the benefits of assisted living, your senior loved one still might need some help feeling at home. This holiday season, give your senior loved one a gift to bring the comfort of their family home to their assisted living home. Here are a few ideas for gifts that can do just that.

undefined1. Stationery Box – Give your loved one everything they need to keep in touch with old friends and family in a decorative box that will keep everything organized.

Fill the box with great pens, writing paper, matching envelopes, a diverse selection of cards for birthdays and holidays, plus a roll of nice colorful stamps.


undefined2. Kitchen Supplies – Updated kitchen supplies are a thoughtful gift for a loved one suffering with arthritis or weakened grip. The Black and Decker Lids Off Jar Opener removes tough lids in a flash.

The OXO Good Grips line of products has an ergonomic tool for everything from knives to vegetable peelers to measuring cups. Each item is designed for easy use and can be found wherever kitchen utensils are sold.


undefined3. Single-Serve Coffee Maker – These easy-to-use machines are ideal for those living in a smaller space. They can be used to make everything from coffee and tea to lemonade.Keurig is the best-known brand, but there are a wide variety to choose from.

Be sure to include an ample supply of k-cups for your loved one, so they are well-stocked with their favorite beverages.


undefined4. Cellphone – Don’t forget your senior loved ones when shopping forgadgets. Look for a cellphone with large buttons for easy use and enhanced audio like the LG A380, but the features don’t have to stop there.

The Jitterbug Plus includes a camera and 5Star Urgent Response support can be added to your plan. The Galaxy Note II is a great choice for those who like a large, tablet-like screen. It also includes an Easy-Mode that helps you access key functions like apps and favorite contacts from the home screen.


undefined5. Custom Gift Basket – Pull together a basket of items based around one thing your loved one enjoys. If they love tea, make a basket with an electric tea kettle, beautiful cups and saucers and a selection of fine teas.

Give the entertainment lover an easy-to-use mp3 player loaded with their favorite music. And who doesn’t love treats? A holiday gift basket of fruit, chocolate or even wine can hit the spot!

Other gift ideas:

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