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Volunteer Spotlight: Get on board the Volunteer Train

Tracey Dawson - Get on board the Volunteer TrainFor 13 years, Tracey Dawson worked as a train dispatcher for Amtrak. She helped make the connections that kept the trains running on time.

Now, she makes a different type of connection as a volunteer for Crossroads Hospice in Philadelphia, PA.

I learned about Crossroads when I saw an ad on TV. I always wanted to do hospice work, and this seemed like a good opportunity,” Tracey says.

Tracey already had a reputation for caring and has proved to be a good fit. “Most people call me when a family member is in the hospice and ask me to go visit them,” she shares.

Tracey is an incredibly energetic and compassionate volunteer,” says Volunteer Manager Michael Shaeffer. “She has sat with patients who were very ill and acts as a liaison to their families.

He continues, “Tracey thinks out of the box when it comes to developing ideas to work with the patient. If the patient wants to play poker, she is there. If journaling is in the cards, then she is there.”

Tracey says, “Not everyone has someone who will do what they want to do. I enjoy playing games with the patients who like them. One patient loved Scrabble. She used to kick my butt! The time with them is fun for me, too.

Crossroads Hospice supports patients wherever they reside. It’s wonderful volunteers like Tracey Dawson who help us keep their spirits up as part of our Happiness Project.

If you would like to join The Happiness Project as a Crossroads Volunteer, please visit our Volunteer Application formor call us at 888-564-3405.

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