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Rossister’s Country Birthday is the “Ultimate Gift”

undefinedMary Rossister has always been a fan of country music.

The soulful guitar chords, the meaningful lyricism and the celebration of America’s pastoral roots have resonated with the Marshall, MO native since she was a child. Mary still lives in the small farming community where she grew up, but is now a resident of the Mar-Saline Manor Care Center.

undefinedWhen Mary’s 78th birthday fell on the same night as a performance by George Strait, her favorite country artist, she knew exactly how she wanted to spend her Gift of a Day.

To celebrate, Mary’s Crossroads team took her out to Independence for a birthday dinner at Corner Café, a restaurant specializing in down-home cooking. After the meal, Mary joined a packed house in Kansas City’s Sprint Center, where George Strait performed one of the final shows in his farewell tour.

With a night of celebration in the big city behind her, Mary returned home to Marshall. If the concert t-shirt she brought back wasn’t evidence enough that she had the perfect day, it was clear from the smile on her face.

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