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Five Gifts for the Family Caregiver

You might know someone who’s a caregiver. They gracefully fill every hour of every day with caring for a loved one, managing a household and juggling work, bills and childcare. They somehow squeeze it all in, leaving little time for themselves.

If this sounds like someone you know, this holiday season, remind them that you're there to help and that self-care is essential. Give them a gift to help them care for themselves.

Here are five gift ideas for the caregiver in your life:

  1. undefinedDinner - Whether it's providing a home cooked meal or a gift certificate to a local restaurant that offers pick-up or home delivery, the gift of a good meal takes one big thing off the caregiver's to-do list.

    Check out these recipes from Cooking Light for ideas for meals that are easy to freeze and reheat.
  1. undefinedEntertainment - Sometimes after a long day of taking care of others, you need a break. A subscription to Netflix can provide hours of mindless entertainment.

    Or for readers, a Kindle or other e-Reader with instructions on how to find e-books available at the local library can be a special treat that they can use at home and while waiting for their loved one at doctor's appointments.
  1. undefinedSimple pleasures - A monthly treat in the mail that caters to the caregiver’s interests can be a pick-me-up all year round. For the fashion lover, try Birchbox for a monthly delivery of makeup samples.

    For something more fun, try Sock Panda which delivers fun socks in an array of styles. For the health nut, Graze will send a box of healthy and wholesome snacks. The craft lover will enjoy WhimseyBox which sends a fun DIY craft project to their door for a welcome break!
  1. undefinedRelaxation - If your caregiver can get away for a massage or a nail appointment, that can be a wonderful treat. Breaks are an important part of self care.

    But if not, give the gift of relaxation at home. Cozy socks, herbal tea and a great CD can go along way.
  1. undefinedYour time - It's hard to carve out a slice of time for yourself when you're worried about leaving a loved one alone.

    Give the caregiver in your life the gift of time by offering to spend an hour or two visiting with their sick loved one so they can take a break or a run an errand. If they’re reluctant to leave, offer to run those errands, rake the leaves or pick up groceries for them.

For more resources for family caregivers, please visit our website or call us at 1-888-564-3405.

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