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Three Gift Ideas for Someone with Cancer

Looking for a gift for someone who’s fighting cancer? The best gift you can give them is a visit or a phone call. Too often, friends and family fade away after a cancer diagnosis because they don't know what to say - adding loneliness to an already difficult situation.

Put yourself in their shoes. What would you want? What we usually hear from patients is that they want:

  1. To know that someone has their back. Tell them you care about and support them. Offer to help with errands, babysit or help with pets. Gift certificates for practical items like food delivery services, gas cards or cleaning services can be especially helpful.
  2. Anything to help make this time as easy as possible. The mental and physical side effects of cancer treatment can make every day more difficult than it was before the diagnosis. Gifts that will help your loved one from day to day will be greatly appreciated.

Here are three suggestions for thoughtful and practical gifts for a friend or family member with cancer:

undefinedGuardian Angel Message in a Bottle

Personalize a note with your prayers and support in this guardian angel bottle so the person with cancer knows you’re thinking about them. If you’re spiritual, you can take it a step further and ask members of your congregation to sign a card letting your loved one know they are all praying for him or her.

Chemo Survival Kit

Chemotherapy can be lifesaving. It also takes a lot of time and can lead to negative side effects such as fatigue and pain. Support your loved one during this time with a Chemo Survival Kit that includes things like ginger candy to soothe upset stomachs, crossword puzzles or audiobooks to help pass the time, Biotene for dry mouth and a lap blanket to stay warm. There are many great suggestions for items to include in your gift on Pinterest.

BUFF Headwear

If your loved one is experiencing hair loss from cancer treatment, BUFF headwear is a stylish way to stay warm this winter. The tubes of fabric can be worn in a variety of ways from caps to hoods and headbands to cover cold ears. Popular with runners, they come in many different patterns so you can find one that captures your loved one's style.

Looking for more suggestions? See more gift ideas for on our Pinterest Board.

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