3 Gift Ideas for Someone in Mourning

Grief is the elephant in the room during the holiday season. This is especially true if a friend or family member has suffered a recent loss of a significant figure in their life.

Make sure your loved one knows they have your support during this difficult time with condolence messages. Let them know they can talk to you and that you understand they may need to change their holiday plans.

Show them you're thinking of them this holiday season with a gift that honors the person they've lost. With your gift, include memories and stories of that person and how they impacted your life.

Here are three ideas for someone in mourning:

Guardian Angel Jewelry

gift for mourners

Many people find comfort in viewing their lost loved one as a guardian angel who is watching over them. The concept of angels isn’t limited to people devoted to one religion or another. Islam, Judaism and Christianity all have different ideas of angels, and they’re even considered to be part of non-religious philosophies like metaphysics.

The gift of guardian angel jewelry can be a comforting memorial for the one they’re mourning. You can find guardian angel jewelry in a wide variety of types and designs to fit any style, from bracelets to pins to necklaces.

Comfort Candles


Lighting a candle in a loved one's memory is a beautiful ritual. This is a great gift idea for someone in mourning because it’s flexible for however they choose to mourn. The candle can be lit in private or with others present, and a prayer can be read or a memory shared. The candle can be lit each year as a holiday ritual or displayed as a memorial throughout the year.

Memorial Star


A Memorial Star named in honor of the person who has passed away is a unique and powerful tribute. Memorial Stars are placed in a constellation that is visible year-round, so the person in mourning can always look up in the night sky for a reminder of their loved one’s continued presence.

If you’re looking for a meaningful way to remember a loved one this holiday season, here are some suggestions.

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