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They’re Super: Find Out What Hospice Volunteers Do and How They’re Truly Heroes to Patients

“Any human anywhere will blossom in a hundred unexpected talents and capacities simply by being given the opportunity to do so.– Doris Lessing

Crossroads Hospice Volunteer SuperheroIt’s true we all have talents. The thing that sets our volunteers apart is that they take the time to go through the training for Crossroads Hospice volunteers, and then they use their training and talents to selflessly help others as true everyday superheroes.

Super Compassion

What do hospice volunteers do?” is a question we frequently hear. The truth is, it’s less about what they do and more about who they are. At the core of each of our volunteer superheroes is a compassionate heart. Time is a precious commodity, but they choose to give up their time to support terminally-ill patients with less than six months to live. Whether they are making companion visits, working on an art project, performing a musical piece, participating in Gift of a Day events or working in our office, their superhero compassion makes an impact on everyone they meet.

Super Shapeshifters

By approaching each patient with an open heart and an open mind, our volunteers are able to transform themselves into the perfect listener and companion for that individual and their family. These hospice volunteers do what needs to be done at that time. For some, they’ll play board games all afternoon. With others, they’ll read from the Bible. For others, they’ll sit quietly nearby, providing a calm, watchful presence so family caregivers can take a much-needed break. Hospice volunteer duties change as each patient’s needs change, and these super volunteers are able to see and address needs before they are ever communicated.  

Super Patriots

Like Captain America, our volunteers have a strong sense of patriotism which they use to serve our Veteran population. Volunteer Veterans will sit with our Veteran patients, providing companionship and the insightful conversation that only a fellow Veteran can offer. In addition, our patriotic volunteers help to organize Veteran Recognition Ceremonies, thanking these American heroes for their service.

Super Smiles

Volunteering at a hospice takes some key personality traits such as compassion, the desire to bring joy to others and a drive to comfort those at the end of their life. Crossroads Hospice volunteers are all members of our Happiness Project Team. They find joy in bringing smiles to others. Smiles are an especially effective superpower. You just can’t resist smiling back.

Volunteer in Hospice and be a Volunteer Superhero

To learn more about how you can join our team of volunteer superheroes, complete our Volunteer Application or call 1-888-564-3405 to speak with a volunteer manager at the location nearest to you.

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