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Five Thoughtful Gifts For Family Caregivers

Caregivers come in all shapes and sizes. They might be a son or daughter caring for an aging parent. They might be a spouse nursing their partner through a challenging illness. They could be a mother or father caring for a sick child. They could even be a devoted friend.

Regardless of the relationship, family caregivers are juggling a lot to support themselves and the people around them. A thoughtful gift for a caregiver is a perfect way to celebrate the holidays or just let them know you're thinking about them.

Grocery delivery service to lower stress. 

grocery delivery service

A trip to the grocery store can be a challenge for caregivers who worry about leaving their loved one alone. Save them a trip with a gift certificate to a national grocery delivery service like Instacart or Peapod or a gift card at a local store that offers online ordering like Kroger, Hy-Vee, Reasor's or Schnuck's. With Instacart and Peapod, groceries are delivered directly to their home, while local grocery stores either offer home delivery or curbside pickup. In both cases, it saves time – a precious commodity for an already harried caregiver.

Eucalyptus wreath to energize spirits. 

eucalyptus wreath

If the caregiver is spending more time at home these days, add a beautiful eucalyptus wreath to their wall or door. In addition to brightening up the room, the energizing scent of eucalyptus combats physical and mental fatigue – a bonus gift for the caregiver.

Comfort kit for self-care. 

comfort kit

Caregivers spend so much time caring for others that they often neglect themselves. Remind them to take a breath with a comfort kit. Include some relaxing herbal tea, a decadent chocolate bar, DVDs or CDs you think they would enjoy and something cozy like a lap blanket or a warm pair of slippers.

Gifts to pamper.

manicure gift

Another way to help caregivers practice self-care is to give the gift of pampering with a gift certificate for a massage or manicure. If you think they won't go out to do it, find a service provider who makes home visits. Make your gift go even further by booking something that both the caregiver and their loved one can enjoy together like a shared manicure appointment.

Flowers to brighten the home. 

flowers holiday gift

Flowers are an easy gift to send to a caregiver's home or office to let them know you care. Pick a seasonal bouquet or something with bright colors to enhance their mood. Be sure to include a personal note that says how much they mean to you.

See more gift ideas for caregivers.

If you are caring for someone with a serious illness, you may benefit from the support of palliative or hospice care. Call us at 888-564-3405 to discuss how Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care can help.


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