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A Hospice Patient’s Letter To Santa

hospice patient santa letter

Dear Santa,

The holidays have always been a special time for me. No matter what has happened in the months prior to Christmas, I have always looked forward to the season at the end of the year as one of pure joy. Family, friends, and the exchanging of gifts fill these fond memories of mine.

Now I am here, one more wintertime, celebrating what is likely to be my final holiday on hospice. This year, I don’t need any physical gifts, but it would mean the world if you could help to bring these few things:

Help me be home with my loved ones...

I want this more than anything. If this is indeed my final favorite holiday, the ability to be surrounded by friends and family in the warmth and comfort of my own home like old times would do wonders in making it extra special.


In my final days, I do not want to be treated as a disease but as a person. Allow me to hold onto the power and control of my own hospice situation. My family and I know what’s best for me.


It’s not as easy for me to communicate as it once was – but I still have needs and feelings I’d like to get across to the people around me. Bring them the patience and willingness to understand these things.

Presents for my chaplains, doctors, and families...

I don’t have much use for physical gifts anymore, but the people who have helped to spiritually guide me through this journey certainly would. It’s hard to feel that I could ever repay them for all that they’ve done and your help would be endlessly appreciated. A few gift ideas like these could get you started.

Good fortune for all of the volunteers who have made my situation a bit easier...

The hospice volunteers. It’s hard to find the words the express the gratitude that I have for these wonderful people. All I can ask is good fortune for them and their loved ones as some type of reparation for the incredible services that they provide out of the pure kindness of their hearts.

Relaxation and peace of mind for my caregiver...

I fully understand that my caregiver is the person who my current situation may take the largest toll on. They could use your support any way shape or form whether it be mentally or physically (spa day?). Now is the time they need it most.

Comfort and care...

As my final days are winding down, I ask that the care I receive and subsequential comfort that comes out of it do not wind down with it. May great hospice care and unparalleled support make this an easier time for myself and those around me.

With each of these things, I hope that my holiday on hospice will bring the same happiness and cheer that it has in the years that came before.

Thank you and happy holidays.


Hospice patient

For information about hospice patient care during the holidays, please call Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care at 1-888-564-3405.

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