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Your Hospice Bill of Rights Highlights

hospice bill of rights

Hospice admission can sometimes present a bag of mixed emotions for a patient and their family. Does it mean you’ve reached the end of the road? Not necessarily. Is it the beginning of a more comfortable experience? Almost always.

Common misconceptions would have you believe that hospice is synonymous with end-of-life, while the things you hear upon admission will reveal its true purpose which is comfort and care. The contrast of these two ideas results in the potential confusion and mixed emotions.

But through this new experience, one thing will remain explicitly clear: your rights.

The same way that we have one as American citizens, we have a hospice bill of rights to guide us and empower us through, not only our end-of-life, but comfort and recovery processes as well. At Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care, the rights are presented to a patient and their family upon admission.

While we are fortunate enough to say that while our list of rights is extensive, there are a few that stand out and concisely exhibit the Crossroads mission to care more:

A patient and family have a right… 

To be fully informed in writing all items and services furnished by the Hospice for which payment may be made, the coverage available for such items under Title XVIII, Title XIX and any other Federal program of which the Hospice is aware, and any charges for items and services not covered under Title XVIII and any charges the individual may have to pay with respect to services furnished by the agency.

To participate in the planning of their care, the right to appropriate instructions and education regarding the plan, and to be involved with the development of the plan of care and planning changes in the care.

To revoke the hospice benefit without coercion from the hospice and continue hospice care and not be discharged from the hospice during periods of coordinated or approved hospital admissions.

To be free from mental, physical or chemical restraints unless authorized by a physician to protect the patient from injury.

To refuse care, medication or treatment to the extent provided by law and to be informed of consequences of such refusal.

To receive competent and compassionate pain management and symptom control interventions to alleviate distress and discomfort to the fullest extent safely possible.

To self-determination, which encompasses the right to make choices regarding life-sustaining treatment, including resuscitative services.

Our Difference

Above all, the programs at Crossroads have always had one philosophy: expect more.

A patient’s rights are a patient’s rights, but Crossroads continually goes above and beyond to not only meet those rights, but fulfill their needs, wants, and beyond. Crossroads has a patient-to-staff ratio among the best in hospice, which allows our staff to make more daily visits to our patients and ensure that they will be by a patient’s side when they are needed most.

To find out more about how Crossroads is 100% dedicated to giving patients and their families more, read about the Evenmore care program today or call us at 1-888-564-3405.


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