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5 Gifts for Hospice Patients

gifts for hospice patients

When a loved one is terminally ill, there is no gift that is greater than time spent with them. They treasure the connection and you will make precious memories that will carry you for the rest of your life. The holidays are an especially important time for family members to gather closely and support their loved one.

In addition to your time, gifts for hospice patients that convey comfort, love, and an appreciation for your loved one’s personality and interests can help brighten spirits. Here are few ideas for gifts for hospice patients to get you started.

Legacy Gifts

legacy gifts

Everyone wants to know they’ll be remembered. A gift membership to a genealogy service like Ancestry.Com can be a wonderful project to work on with your loved one. Record their stories as you trace your family tree together and discover new places and people from your shared past.

Custom Photo Blankets

 custom photo blanket

Who doesn’t want to wrap themselves up in the love of their most precious family members? A photo blanket can help your loved one stay warm while reminding them that their family members are always thinking about them.

Sound machine

sound machine

Block out background noise and soothe troubled minds with a relaxing sound machine. These sound machines can be set to white noise, soothing music or nature sounds to give your loved one a more tranquil environment.

Boot Jack

boot jack

If you’re going to give something handy as a gift for a hospice patient, you should make sure it is as fun as it is functional. A gift like this charming beetle boot jack fits both requirements.

Video Poker

portable video poker

If your loved one has always enjoyed the bright lights of the gaming floors, but can no longer make it out to their favorite casino, you can bring the action to them with a video poker game. These portable touch screen gaming units can be a wonderful distraction and a lot of fun.

While it is incredibly difficult to know that you will soon lose someone close to you, use the holidays to make the most of your time together. That will always be the greatest gift of all.


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