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Deathbed Visions in Hospice

deathbed visions

Hospice stories of deathbed visions are common with dying patients reporting visits from deceased loved ones, angels, or spiritual guides. While it may be difficult to understand or explain deathbed visions, hospice care staff have seen them bring real comfort to dying patients.

deathbed visions real

Are deathbed visions in hospice real?

One of the most common questions we get about hospice stories of deathbed visions is “are they real?” It’s hard to say. Some believe they are. Others chalk them up to changes in brain chemistry, but when it comes to deathbed visions, it doesn’t matter if they are real to outside observers. What matters is that deathbed visions are real to the dying patient, and their belief should be respected.

It can be difficult for outside observers to hear a loved one speak about spiritual visitors, but hospice nurses and other caregivers report that patients almost always find comfort and calm in these deathbed visions.  

responding to deathbed visions

How to Respond to Deathbed Visions

When a loved one mentions a visit from a deceased parent or begins speaking as though that person is in the room, it can be disconcerting. But for that loved one, it may be transformative. They might find more peace and may talk about joining their loved one soon. It can be tempting to correct them, but that can be upsetting to your loved one. What they need as they approach end of life is your support.

Instead of disagreeing, ask them to tell you about their deathbed vision. Let them know that you are glad they are experiencing something that brings them peace. Don’t let skepticism cause a rift in your loved one’s final days. Instead, use this as an opportunity to share a special moment together.

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