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The Crossroads 5-Point Promise of More

crossroads hospice 5-point promise of more

At Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care, we offer a 5-Point Promise of More that distinguishes us from all other hospice providers. When we say, “Expect more from us, we do,” we make and keep all the promises outlined below.

crossroads hospice responsive

Crossroads is responsive.

It starts with being more responsive because we offer same-day admissions, 24/7/365. We strive to arrive at healthcare facilities within one to two hours of receiving a referral. We will quickly assess a patient’s needs and provide the help required to make a smooth transition. This protocol includes ordering all necessary medications and equipment related to the terminal diagnosis and coordinating delivery to the patient’s home or care facility as quickly as possible. During the first seven days, Crossroads’ patients receive multiple visits from our clinical, spiritual and emotional team members to ensure everything is in place to meet all of their needs.

crossroads hospice prepared

Crossroads is prepared. 

We’re more prepared to respond to emergent patient needs thanks to our Quick Response Team. It is comprised of five shifts of on-staff nurses and aides — not on-call or standby, and that’s in addition to our regular 9-to-5 daytime shift. That’s how Crossroads can go above and beyond to meet our patients’ needs, whether it’s 2 AM on a weekday or any time during weekends or holidays. In short, if you call us, we’ll be there.

crossroads hospice alert

Crossroads is alert.

We promise to be more alert via our Watch Program that triggers increased visits if a patient displays a noticeable decline. This enables us to better recognize if a patient’s final moments may be approaching, ensuring they receive the additional care they need when they need it.

crossroads hospice compassion

Crossroads is compassionate.

Crossroads displays more compassion with Evenmore Care. We don’t believe anyone should ever die alone. When we identify that a patient’s passing is imminent, we exhaust every effort to stay by their side. Crossroads nurses, aides, chaplains, and social workers share this responsibility to ensure we are there when the patient and family need us most. Evenmore Care is why Crossroads significantly exceeds the national average for attended deaths.

crossroads hospice committed

Crossroads is committed. 

Everything we do at Crossroads comes down to this: The days and hours in a person’s journey home are the most important, which is why we are committed to devoting time for more resources to the last seven days than any other hospice. Our collaborative care model of nurses, social workers, and hospice aides allows us to be there with each patient during this important time.

Crossroads is committed to ensuring terminally ill patients receive the right level of care at the right time. To learn more about the Crossroads difference, please call us at 1-888-564-3405.


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