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Smart911: Provide Essential Information to 911 in Advance

Smart 911

If faced with a life-threatening emergency today, would you reach for your cellphone or your landline to call 911? Over 80% of calls made to 911 are made from mobile phones, leaving 911 operators with very little information on how to reach you. They receive only your phone number and a very general idea of where you are located. This can turn an emergency into a tragedy if the caller is experiencing a medical challenge or is unable to safely speak. Smart911 can ensure your 911 operator knows everything they need to reach you as quickly as possible.

Smart 911 How it Works

How Does Smart 911 Work?

Smart911 records essential information about you and your family to ensure 911 operators and first responders have all the information you want them to know in an emergency.

When individuals with a Smart911 profile call 911, the 911 operators can view their address, medical information, the location of their home, information on pets and vehicles, and emergency contacts. You can even let them where you keep an extra key located if you or a loved one has mobility issues that could prevent the door from being answered.

Safety profiles can include information on:

  • People living in your household
  • Contact phone numbers for your family
  • Emergency contacts
  • Medical conditions and allergies
  • Medications and medical equipment
  • Pets, service animals, and livestock
  • Vehicle descriptions
  • Property layout and details
  • Utility Information

Smart 911 Evacuation

Smart911 Evacuation Information

In addition to providing information to 911 operators, Smart911 keeps you aware of weather, traffic, other emergencies like gas leaks, missing persons, or police pursuits. You have the option to receive alerts by email or text message.

If a disaster strikes, individuals with access and functional needs may require additional help. Emergency Managers in your community have access to Smart911 and can plan and identify residents in need of extra assistance during a disaster. You can provide:

  • Contact Information
  • Caregiver Contact Information
  • Medical conditions, medications, and allergies
  • Nature of disability
  • Information on pets, service animals, and livestock who may be impacted
  • Home power and utility information
  • Shelter-in-place plans
  • Information on your ability or inability to evacuate

When preparing for an emergency, Smart911 can help at-risk family members quickly get the help they need. It’s an excellent resource for families.

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