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Tactile Stimulation Pillow: Activities for Dementia Patients

Sensory stimulation has been shown to benefit patients with dementia. In particular, studies have shown that tactile stimulation can increase feelings of trust and relaxation in patients with dementia while giving caregivers a positive way to interact with their patient or loved one.
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Wood Holiday Packages: Activities for Dementia Patients

The holidays are a time of passing along memories and traditions from one generation to the next. For a family with a loved one with dementia, it is also a time of lost memories and adjusting traditions to fit a new reality. It can be a bittersweet time, but preparing ahead can help keep the holidays special for the whole family.
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Napkin Rings: Activities for Dementia Patients

As we approach Thanksgiving and other family holidays, it’s natural for families with a loved one with dementia to feel trepidatious about upcoming gatherings. They are thankful to be able to celebrate another holiday with their loved one, but they are also well aware that the noise, crowds, and change in routine can be upsetting to someone with dementia.
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Fall Wreath: Activities for Dementia Patients

After the heat of summer, the cooler temperatures of fall can be a welcome relief. If a loved one with dementia has stayed inside with the air conditioning, they can now enjoy outdoor activities and get in some walks in the fresh air.