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What Hospice Aides Wish You Knew About Hospice Care

Whether they are called CNAs or STNAs, hospice aides provide essential personal care to patients from bathing and grooming to assisting with meals and toileting needs. It is intimate care that creates strong bonds between the aide and their patients.
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Overcoming Roadblocks: Doctors and the Hospice Referral Process

Physicians got into the business of healthcare to save lives. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, and physicians need to break the difficult news that a cure is not available. In a best-case scenario, the physician is able to make a referral to hospice care early, so their patient can begin receiving additional care in their residence and their family can get extra support.
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What Nurses Want You to Know about Hospice Care

Each person on our hospice care team has a unique and essential role. Our nurses meet the medical needs of our patients. They provide medical care, address the patient’s symptoms, and educate the patient and their family. They build beautiful relationships with our patients as they navigate their final months, weeks, and days. They also see firsthand some of the misconceptions people have about hospice care. We asked a few of our Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care nurses to share what they wish more people knew about hospice care.
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How to Choose a Hospice Provider

When the time comes to decide which hospice provider is best suited for a patient or loved one who is terminally ill, there are a number of important factors to weigh. Some factors to consider are more basic, such as the physical location of the provider. More complex issues will also enter the equation, such as the provider’s reputation with previous clients or how well it understands certain cultural and religious beliefs.