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superheroes of hospice

Over the course of this year, we've introduced you to the superheroes who provide care for our hospice patients. While you may only see them one at a time, they actually work as a team to provide different elements essential to whole patient care.

Our Superheroes of Hospice meet as a team every two weeks to discuss the care of each of our patients. At the Interdisciplinary Group (IDG) meeting, Much like the Avengers, each of our hospice superheroes brings their own unique insights and expertise.

Meet Your Hospice Team

Heading the group is the medical director. The medical director oversees each patient's plan of care. Like Nick Fury to the Avengers, he brings everyone together as a team.

In the IDG meetings, it's the nurses, our superheroes in scrubs, who go over the clinical condition of our patient. Specifically, they are noting any changes in the last two weeks in weight, appetite, sleep patterns and any other changes in symptoms related to the patient’s condition.

Aides are our everyday superheroes, and they chime in with how the patient is doing in their day-to-day life. Are they still able to get around? Is additional support needed in the home?

Next, we turn to our emotional support superheroes to complete the picture of what's happening with our patient.

Social workers are our super-flexible problem solvers. They discuss concerns the patient may have about funeral expenses and arrange for resources like meal delivery or additional support in the home. They also share with the team any information they have about issues within the family that are affecting the patient to allow the team work toward a solution.

Our chaplains chime in here with emotional and spiritual concerns the patient may be experiencing. They also address spiritual challenges other family members may be sharing with them.

The volunteer manager is tasked with providing volunteer support to the patient. At IDG meetings, they sare updates on what their volunteers are helping with and seeing in the home.

Finally, our quiet superheroes, the bereavement coordinators listen to what's currently happening with the patient to get an understanding of who they are and whether any family members are struggling with anticipatory grief.

In addition, we have our administrative, accounting, medical records and provider relations teams providing additional behind-the-scenes support.

Together, these Superheroes of Hospice work to give each and every patient and their families the support they need at a very difficult time. To learn more about the support our superheros offer to patients and their families, please call 1-888-564-3405.