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The Role Of Our Palliative Care Team.

We take the responsibility of palliative care for you, your loved one, or your patient very seriously. That’s why we staff well-trained, well-meaning professionals who collaborate with your current medical team to achieve the greatest possible relief for those in need.

The role of our palliative care team.

In our eyes, your palliative care team should work to make life better for our patients, their family, and their healthcare team. This includes:

  • Initial and ongoing meetings to determine needs, concerns, goals, which treatments to pursues, etc.

  • Prescribing treatments, medications, and activities to manage pain and other symptoms and side-effects

  • Providing medical and emotional support and guidance throughout the entire process

  • Allowing the healthcare providers to focus on treatment while we ensure your comfort

  • Helping guide patients and their families through the healthcare system and coordinating all medical needs

Crossroads palliative care team members.

Your personal palliative care team members at Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care will include:

  • Nurse practitioner

  • Physician

  • Medical social worker

Members of this team will be in frequent contact with you to ensure you’re getting everything you need.

Meet our palliative care team.

The staff at Crossroads works here because they truly believe their mission is to make life better for their patients. It’s why we get up every morning.

You can see some of these team members in our Crossroads videos.