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Cancer Hospice Information for Healthcare Professionals

Crossroads oncology hospice program is designed to meet the disease management needs of patients on hospice for cancer. The care is individualized and based on each patient’s specific diagnosis. Crossroads has specialized staff trained to help your patient and their families deal with all aspects of end-of-life care.  

The following facts show the positive impact of hospice care for cancer patients: 

  • A national study found the mean survival for hospice patients to be 29 days longer than non-hospice patients, and was significantly longer for patients with certain types of cancer who are in hospice care* 
  • 1.3 million cancer patients per year require hospitalization with an average length of stay of 6.3 days. Admitting oncology patients to hospice can reduce or eliminate that** 

How can hospice help your patient with cancer? 

Our oncology hospice services are designed to provide comfort for the patient and their families. These services include: 

  • Aggressive symptom management for the wide range of cancer-related issues 
  • Physicians, nurse practitioners and other trained staff specializing in the care of patients with cancer 
  • Continuous care for crisis management, as needed 
  • Interdisciplinary team support treating physical, emotional and spiritual needs 
  • Programs intended to celebrate life, such as Gift of a Day and Life Journal 
  • Collaboration between Crossroads and the patient’s primary physician and/or oncologist as needed 
  • Bereavement support offered by specialists trained in grief recovery 

Hospice works with healthcare professionals to provide the necessary comfort to patients.

With Crossroads, healthcare professionals can choose to partner with us to help provide care to the patient. Or if they prefer us to take the lead, they become able to devote more time to their other patients, knowing full well this patient is in great hands. Regardless, our team of cancer hospice professionals is ready to work with you to provide the best possible care to your patient. 

Hospice does not mean giving up on your patient. 

While this misconception about hospice is unfortunately common, choosing hospice does not mean you have given up on your patient. In our experience, after healthcare professionals learn more about hospice care and its benefits, they come to realize this is the case, too. Oncology hospice care helps patients by managing symptoms and pain, as well as providing more frequent visits to the patient. 

Refer your patient with cancer to hospice now. 

If you are interested in seeing if hospice is a good fit for your cancer patient, contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use any option from the blue Help Center bar above. 

*NHPCO 2012