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Keep Your Patients Home For The Holidays

undefinedCrossroads Hospice is helping terminally ill patients stay home for the holidays. It will not only help them, it will ease stress on families and physicians during this busy time. We will keep the patient pain and symptom free, allowing the family to have the quality time they need.

Top Three Reasons How Hospice Helps You During the Holidays:

1. Relieves physicians of total patient care during the holidays. We are available on-call 24/7 to answer questions and provide care. We’ll keep you informed of developments as you request.

2. Helps prevent repeat emergency room visits, which reduces stress for the patient and family. It also helps you manage less ‘frequent flyer’ activity in the ER.

3. Provides services like bathing,dressing,light housekeeping, meal preparation and feedings, allowing the family to focus on holiday preparations.

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